Promoting Your Music

The digital age has opened doors for musicians and has allowed more independent music artists than ever to make a career out of their passion. Use the following tips and become more successful at managing your music career.

Social Media

This is the big, obvious one. You need to be on all platforms (ie. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc) and you need to be updating them every day or two. And not just garbage posts either - nobody wants to see pictures of your food or get updated about how you're sitting at home playing video games. You want engaging topics, posts that are controversial and spark conversation and interaction. Only post pictures and content that are flattering or helpful to your career as an artist. A picture of you at a nightclub is fine, especially if you're there to perform or promote your music, but a picture of your drunk off your ass might not be appropriate.

Your goal is to be as engaged as possible with your existing fanbase. You want to post interesting topics, pictures and memes so that they'll share your page with their friends, growing your fanbase.

Music Platforms

There are HUNDREDS of music websites you should be posting your music on.
  • YouTube
  • SoundCloud
  • SoundClick
  • BandCamp
  • ReverbNation
  • DatPiff
  • Spotify
  • Last FM
  • Rdio
  • Earbits

Your Own Website

Having your own website makes you look more professional and legitimate. Creating a website is EASY these days - Wordpress sites can be created and managed by just about anyone. My advice is to buy a Wordpress theme from ThemeForest specifically tailored to musicians. These websites look great, are cheap to host, easy to build and easy to maintain - so do it!

Blogs, Biography & Press Release Materials

Website and blog owners are always looking for new content: new music, new artists to interview, etc. Do the work for them and write some PR material for yourself - something they can post to their site in addition to your music.

You can contact blogs and ask them to post your music. This is a directory list of hip-hop blogs - there's got to be over 300 sites there just waiting for you to submit your music to them! Every one of those sites will have an email where you can submit your music. What have you got to lose?!


Spend time creating content for your fans and try to grow organically. Create music, create artwork, memes, post pictures, selfies, etc. It's going to take time. It's going to seem thankless or like it's not doing anything. These methods won't take you to super-stardom overnight, but with persistence you will see your fanbase grow. More and more people will Like your statuses and retweet your posts. Your music will get more views, more people watching, more people sharing with their social circles.

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