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Are you an upcoming hip hop artist? If so, you know how vital it is to have high quality beats that you can use for your albums, mixtapes, live shows and other projects. BeatCharts.net provides professional hip hop beats that won't break your bank account. Our producers have been in the music industry since 2006 and know the importance of having high quality, professionally made instrumentals. Check out some of the beat packages above; you get ALL the tracks in each package for a single, flat rate. How cool is that? 10+ beats for a one-time payment! As soon as you download the beats, you are free to use them wherever and whenever you'd like. All of the tracks that we provide are royalty free, meaning you can use them for your projects and keep all of the profit made!

Spending hours searching for free beats to download? Your search ends here! For a limited time you can download five free beats, which have been graciously contributed by our professional producers. Just click the "free beats" button on the right side of our website and you'll be able to download them instantly! You won't find high quality instrumentals like ours anywhere else on the internet for free; the majority of producers tag their music and give you only a demo. We provide untagged music, meaning you won't have to deal with annoying watermarks; just load it up into your favorite software and you're all set to record! You can instantly download all 5 of the tracks, so you can get a preview of our producers music in full before committing to purchasing a beat pack.

Quality is our number one goal when making our beats and instrumentals. In today's music industry, professional beats are more important than ever. By using instrumentals from BeatCharts.net, you're taking a step in the right direction with your music career!

We understand that not every artist has thousands to spend on purchasing beats for their music career - this is the main reason that we provide low prices without compromising quality. If you're serious about your craft, you understand that the importance of investing wisely in quality beats. These are 100% original, industry standard beats ready for you to record over; purchase with confidence!

Not only do we provide you free beats and a gateway to purchase beat packages, we also share valuable tips for all artists looking to advance in the music industry. Scroll down to check out our insider tips and tricks for building and maintaining a long term music career / business.

What are you waiting for? Get access to the high quality, professional tracks you deserve and keep all the profit you make with our royalty-free beats!

Tips, Shortcuts & Information

Beat Licensing And Agreements
Understanding Beat Licensing And Agreements
First time buying a beat? Unsure about beat licensing terms and provisions?

Make A Living
How To Make A Living In The Modern Music Business
Special article from Forbes magazine - worth checking out!

The Golden Rule
The GOLDEN RULE You Must Follow
Any up-and-coming artist who breaks this rule is destined for failure.
Promote Your Music
Promote Your Music Online
Here are the basics to establishing a presence on the web. A must-read for up-and-coming artists!

Get A Record Deal
How To Get A Record Deal
What labels are looking for and what you can do to stand out from the crowd.

Frequency Spectrum
Frequency Spectrum: A Visual Representation
An extremely helpful chart to show you where different instruments fit into a mix.
Hip Hop Blog List
MASSIVE List Of Hip Hop Blogs
Blogs are always looking for fresh music to post. Submit yours now!

Be Professional
A Professional Approach
Many artists make HORRIBLE first impressions. Be professional.

Scams To Watch Out For
Scams To Watch Out For As An Up-And-Coming Artist
There are shady people who will exploit your dream of becoming a professional artist. Learn to spot them and stay away!

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